dimanche 31 juillet 2022

Maj du Firmware du The64 / TheVic20 en 1.6.1

 Elle est sortie, il y a un petit moment deja et elle fonctionne bien. Je parle de la version 1.6.1 du firmware des The64 (maxi) et The Vic20 de Retrogames.

Au menu :

Features introduced in version 1.6.1

  • [All models] Adds Commodore 1351 mouse support to the C64
  • [All models] Adds support for up to four joysticks
  • [All models] Adds support for THEMOUSE
  • [All models] Adds support for THEGAMEPAD
  • [All models] Adds a new game Space Lords, a multi-player game that utilises the new mouse and multi-joystick support

Pas mal de chemin parcouru depuis les premières versions :

v1.5.2 – [THEC64 European] Fixes inconsistently displayed Blue Star carousel cover image

v1.5.2 – [All models] Allows the primary C64 joystick port to be switched in-game

v1.5.2 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds C64 only Classic mode

v1.5.2 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds disk swapping for multiple disk games

v1.5.2 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds soft and hard reset hot-keys to Classic mode

v1.5.2 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds freeze button support to Classic mode

v1.5.2 – [All models] Adds Commodore REU support with 512K, 2MB or 16MB as filename flags or CJM parameters

v1.5.2 – [THEC64 Mini] Hessian (C64) and PET Snake (C64)

v1.5.2 – [THEC64] Hessian (C64), PET Snake (C64), City Crusher (VIC20) and Mine Sweep (VIC20)

v1.5.2 – [THEVIC20] Hessian (C64), PET Snake (C64), City Crusher (VIC20) and Mine Sweep (VIC20)

v1.4.2 – [THEC64/THEVIC20] Fixed: Under some circumstances a C64 game might not recognise joystick port 2 when VIC 20 is the default machine

v1.4.2 – [All models] Adds Datasette controls for tape files in Classic mode Media Access menu

v1.4.2 – [THEC64/THEVIC20] Adds soft and hard reset hot-keys to THEC64 and THEVIC20 Classic mode

v1.4.2 – [THEC64/THEVIC20] Adds freeze button support to Classic mode

v1.4.2 – [THEC64 North America] Adds C64 games Barnsley Badger, Soulless, Galencia and Planet of Death, plus VIC20 games Blue Star, The Keep, and Gridrunner

v1.4.2 – [THEC4/THEVIC20 European] Adds C64 games Barnsley Badger and Soulless, plus VIC20 games Blue Star and The Keep

v1.4.2 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds C64 games Barnsley Badger and Soulless

v1.4.2 – [THEVIC20] Allows Tank Battle to support two joysticks

v1.3.2 – [All models] Increases the length of displayed USB filenames in Media Access and the File loader

v1.3.2 – [All models] Fixes an issue where filename flags are not detected if the USB filename contains multiple dots/periods/full stops

v1.3.2 – [All models] Fixes an issue with the saved states location where multiple spaces are found in the USB filename

v1.3.2 – [All models] Fixes the saved states location used on a USB stick to be unique per filename. Note that this may change the saved states location from previous firmware versions if the filename contains multiple dots/periods/full stops

v1.3.1 – [THEC64] Fixes an issue when using Left Shift key and top-left arrow key for opening/closing THEC64 Menu from BASIC

v1.3.1 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds a C64 game Farming Simulator by GIANTS Software GmbH

v1.3.1 – [All models] Fixes an issue regarding the current computer model setting and different model requirements specified in a cjm file

v1.3.1 – [All models] Adds a function to sort the games carousel of the HOME screen by title, author, composer, genre and year

v1.3.1 – [All models] Introduces a new filename flag FH and cjm file option ‘fullheight’, which squeeze the entire display (including top and bottom borders) into the output image, at the expense of a perfectly scaled rendering at 720

v1.3.1 – [All models] Introduces a new filename flag NS and cjm file option ‘noaudioscale’, which disable the audio scaling feature (sometimes required if sampled sound is adversely affected with audio scaling on)

v1.3.1 – [All models] Automatically adjusts the SID audio pitch so that it more correctly matches NTSC and PAL models (referred to as audio scaling).

v1.3.1 – [All models] Adds an option to Shutdown the device from the Device settings menu, rather than having to press the power button

v1.3.1 – [THEC64 Mini] Extends the virtual joystick controls, adding other keys for highlighting and selecting options and opening and closing THEC64 Mini menu without needing a connected controller

v1.3.1 – [All models] Changes the joystick configuration for pre-installed titles on the GAMES CAROUSEL to allow some third-party controllers to now fire using their shoulder buttons

v1.3.1 – [All models] Improves support for third-party controllers that use axis, hat and stick buttons. You can now map functions to those buttons as well

v1.3.1 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds compatibility with THEC64 Micro Switch Joystick

v1.3.1 – [All models] Fixes an issue with Nobby the Aardvark on later levels. Unfortunately, this means that any previous saved games for Nobby the Aardvark are no longer available.

v1.2.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Includes Galencia Mini on the GAMES CAROUSEL

v1.2.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Introduces the Virtual Joystick

v1.2.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Improves the File Loader to allow multiple programs to be configured at once

v1.2.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Remembers the mute state of the CAROUSEL music between reboots

v1.2.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Improves the general performance of THEC64 Mini screens and menus

v1.1.4 – [THEC64 Mini] Corrects a recent firmware issue where joysticks like the Logitech F710 were no longer detected

v1.1.2 – [THEC64 Mini] Fixes an issue with some USB directory layouts resulting in an empty file list

v1.1.1 – [THEC64 Mini] Amended USB behaviour to help resolve issues users experienced with some USB memory sticks when using the File Loader

v1.1.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Introduces the File Loader so compatible programs can be loaded from USB. See File Loader for further information

v1.1.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Fixes a small issue with the German Virtual Keyboard

v1.1.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Adds the in-game help function in ‘Avenger’ to button A on the joystick

v1.1.0 – [THEC64 Mini] Includes various firmware optimisations and enhancements


Pourvu que sa dure !!

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